AWOL by Lady Grey

Title: AWOL
Author: Lady Grey
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Genre: Angst, First Time
Rating: NC-17
Length: Long

Summary: When Jack tries to convince himself that he belongs with Sam, Daniel disappears off-world. A desperate search for Daniel ensues, but only Jack can find him, following his heart across the universe to the man he loves

Why You Should Read This: This story is at times sad and kind of heart breaking and at other pretty funny.Jack is kind of a idiot and turns out he was right in the end. Plus really cute creatures that you would want as a pet and then fell as stupid as Jack and Daniel.

2 thoughts on “AWOL by Lady Grey”

  1. Great rec scifigrl0! This is one of my all time favorite J/D stories, and the angst kills me every time regardless of the fact that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read it. Part of what is so great is it points out a failing of the show, that they stopped actually exploring the cultures they found. Its a wonderful story for Daniel, showing his heart, his hurts & how brilliant he is. And the aliens he find . . . I love the twist & the cleverness.

  2. It’s on my ” feel good fic” list, ones I go back over and over and count on to make me smile and feel good!

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