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The Taming of the Fly by quasar273

Title: The Taming of the Fly
Author:  quasar273
Fandom:  Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing:  John/Rodney
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings:  Sex with a partial-human, Dub-con
Genre:  Hurt/Comfort, Humor, First time, Romance
Word Count: ~13,000


Carson says John will be fully human again in a few weeks, but right now he is more bug than human, unable to speak.  Rodney decides that he’ll show that he is worthy of renewed trust (after the debacle on Duranda)  by hanging out with Shepard, playing music and movies and talking to him.

Why You Should Read This:

As John slowly regains his human mentality and ability to speak, Rodney helps out as much as he can.  Dealing with the itching caused by molting his bug skin leads to …erm… Rodney scratching an itch for him.

This is at times hilarious, and at times rather sweet, as John tries to communicate with a very small vocabulary and Rodney struggles to figure out what he can do to help John get through transforming back to fully human. This story pushes some boundaries that may squick some people. Rodney has some perfectly legitimate concerns that not-quite-human John can not really consent due to his altered mental status (even though it is very much John’s idea), but goes ahead anyway.  So if that or the idea of sexual activity with a partial bug bothers you,  you shouldn’t read it.

N.O.R.W.I.C.H. by Tzigane and Zaganthi

Title:  N.O.R.W.I.C.H.
Author:  Tzigane and Zaganthi
Fandom:  Stargate: Atlantis AU
Pairing:  John/Rodney
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Monumentally embarrassing situations and explicit sex, sometimes at the same time.
Genre: Alternate Universe, Romance, Angst, a little Action/Adventure
Word Count: 57,158


John wrote his first best-selling novel when the physics grad student he’d been sleeping with ran out of money and joined the military so they’d pay to finish his degree.  Years later he runs into the guy again.

Why You Should Read This:

This is a nice, long Rodney-in-the-military, John-definitely-not (in this case because his vision is very bad) story.  It’s a love story about two men who get a second chance to make it work like it should have.  The changes in the back story mean changes in the characters, yet they are still very much John and Rodney. There are moments that are absolutely hilarious and many more moments that are quietly sweet without being bad for your teeth.  There is explicit sex and considerable concern that this whole get-back-together thing may be a bad idea.  There is fanboy!Carson and jealous!Carter.  Oh, and there are stargates and the way John finds out about them is….  unique.

War Bride by Speranza

Title:  War Bride
Author:  Speranza
Fandom:  Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing:  John/Rodney
Rating:  Mature
Warnings:  Near death experience for John, Family angst
Genre:   Angst,  Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Word Count:  9,035


John takes Rodney with him to deal with family business, the last of the clean-up after John’s father’s death.  It brings up a lot of stuff.

Why You Should Read This:

In the years that I have been seriously into fan fiction, I have learned that certain authors can be counted on to turn out a good solid story, with more than superficial characterization, better plotting than you see in most published light fiction, and brilliant prose.  Speranza is one of those authors.

This is about John still trying to deal with the damage being born into his family caused.  It is about a great deal more than that, of course, because this is Speranza we are talking about.