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The Howling Commandos HQ Series by rageprufrock

Title:  The Howling Commandos HQ Series
Author: rageprufrock
Fandom:  Avengers
Pairing:  Phil Coulson/Clint Barton (pre-slash)
Rating: Teen
Warnings:  A few passages describing the damage done to Phil, in detail.
Genre:  Pre-slash, Angst
Word Count: 26,994


Even when Phil Coulson was doing something ridiculously, embarrassingly, crushingly human, he was still a flawless, seamless black box of a spook.

Why You Should Read This:

This is two stories, User Since and Track This Thread, which together describe how the Avengers found out that Phil Coulson survived Loki’s blade.  Only the latter story can count as slash, and since it documents Clint’s unexpressed (until it is too late) love for Phil, and the depth of his grief, but no actual sex, this has to classify as pre-slash. Rageprufrock has indicated that the series isn’t over yet, so we may get real slash by the end.  I hope so.  The misery that is Clint Barton in this story should get that.

What I especially love about this story is the richness of the characterization of Clint and the unflinching description of Phil as a fan.  Phil’s life as a Cap fan was important to him, even though it embarrassed the hell out of everyone when he told them about it. We are all fans.  We understand.

ETA: I just realized Track This Thread is unfinished.  If you object to WIPs wait for the rest.  If not, join the rest of us glancing desperately casually at Rageprufrock on a second by second basis  to see if there is anything new.


These are Our Friends, These are Our Foes by Perpetual Motion

Title:  These are Our Friends, These are Our Foes
Author:  Perpetual Motion
Fandom:  The Avengers
Pairing:  Clint/Phil
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Some violence, but nothing unexpected
Genre:  Action/Adventure, Romance, Angst
Word Count: 12,721


A day in the life of Phil and Clint, with a mission gone wrong and work still to do as it unfolds.

Why You Should Read This:

This is mostly a great little adventure story.  It is also about the trouble with having loved ones in harm’s way.   The relationship between Phil and Clint is like a good chai latte: strong, spicy, and very sweet.  You’ll love the dots (and you’ll just have to read it to find out what I am talking about).

A Very Specific Bedside Manner by Perpetual Motion (perpetfic)

Title: A Very Specific Bedside Manner
Author: Perpetual Motion (perpetfic)
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Relationship(s): Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Action, Hurt/Comfort
Word Count:1277

Summary: Medical care for one reluctant agent

Why You Should Read This: More BAMF!Phil and BAMF!Clint, but Phil’s secretly sweet and caring and scarily protective when there’s any Clint bashing going on. Also, all of Perpetual Motion’s stuff is awesome.