Title: Ripples in the Space Between
Author: Miriel
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate:SG1
Summary: When you have no one to write letters to, you make someone up. Just be careful where you throw the letters away. Because on Atlantis, the garbage can isn’t always a garbage can. Sometimes it is a bit more.
Genres: AU, Future Fic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Deaths of canon characters, Het sexual encounters, some MPreg, and whacky & wild situations.

Why You Should Read This:

So you are an OB on Atlantis. You are the only OB on Atlantis. And you are a tradable skill. Cool. Then you start noticing some of the really odd things. Like the Colonels daughter. Whose mom is the CSO. And the CSO is male. WHAT?

The later stories follow some of the people you meet in the first story, and what happens to them. And their kids. Plus, Earth is not always a friend through this.