Title: Event Horizon Books
Author: daughtershade
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Genre: Romance, alternate universe, humor, first time, some action/adventure
Rating: R
Word Count: 25,305

Summary: The unique thing about Event Horizon, and something Rodney was quite proud of, was that the store itself was a physical representation of the mind of its owner. The filing system that had so amused Sheppard served a greater purpose. The problem was that Rodney hadn’t yet figured out just what that purpose was. He only knew that he liked things a certain way. If one took a moment to piece the filing system together, they would realize that it told the story of one man, perched behind his counter, trying to fend off the world.

Why You Should Read This:
This fic is woefully unknown. As far as I can tell, the author hasn’t posted a link to the McKay_Sheppard livejournal community, so most don’t even know it exists, which is a damn shame. It deserves way more hits and kudos than it has 🙂 Rodney owns a bookstore with its own unique organization and John owns a surf shop a few businesses down. John barges his way into Rodney’s life, pulling a reluctant Rodney out of his quiet life and into one with friendship and teenagers and surfing (and, eventually, love). I love that owns his own business in this – many AU’s have John owning a shop and Rodney being a patron, but this is a refreshing take. It’s also not filled with angst (though there a little), which is another nice change – for all the variety the SGA fandom has, there aren’t that many fics that are long and mostly happy all the way through –  and sometimes I want a happy read to match my good mood. Read this, you won’t regret it!