300 Things by cautionzombies

Title: 300 Things
Author: cautionzombies
Fandom: Supernatural (AU)
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Dean’s life at twenty-four makes him feel like he’s forty—he works two jobs to help pay bills for his house and put his genius little brother through private school, and has spent six years (on and off, let’s be honest) working on his mechanical engineering degree at KU. With so much of his life devoted to his family, Dean has little time in his schedule for class and no time for social interaction. Then, while getting his classes together for the fall, he finds himself in a do-or-die situation: He must take his last literature class now, his spring already filled with those left for his major…except that none of the English classes will fit his schedule.

This is how Dean grovels and begs Dr. Castiel Milton to make a special arrangement for him, and Dr. Milton does.
Word Count: Just Under 77k
Warnings: Mention of alcoholism. (Not Dean or Castiel) Student/Teacher (neither are underage and it is completely consensual.)
Genre: Alt Universe, Angst, First-Time, Romance

Why You Should Read It:
Dean’s life is so complicated in this, but what I really love about this Dean is how determined he is to finish his degree, not matter what happens in his life. His relationship with Cas is so real and grown-up. Sam is adorable in this and John Winchester slightly redeems himself in a way he never did in the show. A must read for Dean/Cas fans.

~ by diva0789 on March 5, 2012.

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