Rom-Commed By Fate (Or JARVIS) by leashy-bebes

Title: Rom-Commed By Fate (Or JARVIS)
Author: leashy-bebes
Fandom: The Avengers (2012)
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 14,300
Genres: Romance, First Time, Humour

The best thing about being an Artificial Intelligence is the ability to parse, filter and modify the things people say until you’ve got the cause to do exactly what you wanted in the first place. Or, in which JARVIS cock blocks Tony into having an actual relationship. 

Why You Should Read This:
Because JARVIS set’s up Tony and Steve, and then won’t let them have sex until he’s sure they’ll last. It’s awesome. And also Steve is a bossy top. Which is hot.

~ by MidnightRosie on May 28, 2012.

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