Title: Life Cycle trilogy – Life Renovations , Life Agendas , Life Crusades
Author: Windseeker2305
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco and many other surprise pairings
Genre: first time, angst, drama, dark, mpreg
Warnings: violence, non-con, child abuse
Rating: nc-17
Length: long really long. the first one is over 300,000 words seconds over 700,000 words and the third is over 400,000 words and is not finished yet

Life Renovations – Sometimes people are forced to make many changes in thier lives in order to survive. After a summer of torture with the Dursleys, Harry goes into a magical coma,where he decides many things that could very well change the Wizarding World forever.

Life Agendas – Harry and Draco’s 7th year has started and along with that, a new order is rising. The Wizarding World will never be the same again.

Life Crusades – Harry, Draco and Co. head to the Ukatae realm where they plan to take back what is rightfully theirs. Nothing is ever easy, is it? But in the realm things are definitely never dull.

Why You Should Read This:
At first I wasn’t sure about reading this because it was a dark fic and I don’t usually read them but I gave it a try and loved it.for a story with dark themes it is really funny at times. There is a lot of the darker things and if you have triggers it might set you off, but if your ok as long as your warned a head of time then I would suggest this story. It has a lot of stuff in it bad Ron ,bad Dumbledore, dark but not evil Voldemort ,soul mates ,creature fic ,mpreg and many more. There is a dominate-submissive theme but the submissives are not weak at all. Most of the time there stronger a could kick there dominates butts. I love the twins once they become a bigger part of the story and they have some of the funnest conversations I have ever read. The first two parts are finished and the third part is still being updated. So to sum it up this may be a dark fic but it’s also very much about love, friendship, family and power. I defiantly recommend this trilogy.