Just a Little Touch by AppleJack

Title: Just A Little Touch
Author: AppleJack
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Summary: “You’re having me on. You expect me to believe you’re not interested at all in finding your mate? The dom to your sub? The one who holds the key to your frozen, black heart?”
Warnings: Soul bonding, dom/sub themes, some illusions to force and non/dub con.
Genre: Alternate Universe, First Time, Romance
Word Count: ~25K

Why You Should Read It:
I’m a pretty big fan of soul bonding fics and this one handles it nicely. The world AppleJack creates has subtle differences from ours, but they’re handled nicely.  She conducts the world so effortlessly and simply that its very easy to accept and understand it.  Very believable.  However, my favorite part of this fic is the way it addresses Arthur’s trepidation of being a sub and the way Eames earns Arthur’s trust.  There is no magical healing cock that washes away all of Arthur’s worries: the problem is something real and it gets addressed by both characters realistically.

~ by jadedhavok on July 23, 2012.

One Response to “Just a Little Touch by AppleJack”

  1. This link no longers works 😞 but if you are interested in reading you might get a link from here – http://inceptficfinder.livejournal.com/191902.html


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