Encompassed and its sequel Embraced by Xof

Title: Encompassed and its sequel Embraced
Author: Xof
Fandom: ‎Queer As Folk
Pairing: Brian/Michael
Genre: First Time, Drama, Angst
Rating: NC-17
Length: not sure the exact length but both are long novels

An exploration of Michael’s submissive nature, and Brian’s resulting claim.  With a little help from two new friends….

Six months into their new relationship/arrangement, and our boys get an invitation to take a journey across the pond.  London calling…

Why You Should Read This:I never watched the show but from what I saw of it I thought that Brian should have ended up with Michael ,and fell in love with them as a pair.This is one of the few BDSM stories I have found that takes place in this universe and not one where it is the socially excepted norm that is also about exploring this side of your self in a safe and healthy way.

~ by scifigrl0 on October 3, 2012.

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