Make the Yuletide Gay by Aggy Bird

Title: Make the Yuletide Gay
Author: Aggy Bird
Fandom: I’m not sure if this is classified as “Holiday/Christmas” fandom, or original fiction.  I’m going to let a moderator decide that, I guess.
Pairing: Rudolf “Ruddy” Claus/Jack Frost (hahaha, no I’m completely serious here)
Summary: In which we find romance, angst, a dash of mystery, bad puns, and Santa Jr.
Warnings: Not really?  I mean, its a story about how Santa Claus’ son falls in love with Jack Frost, so there’s that.  I have a hard time with “warnings” but nothing traumatic or triggery occurs.  Possibly warning for crack, except its not as cracktastic as you would believe from the title, summary, and general description.
Word Count: ~16,800

Why You Should Read It:
Um, its Christmas-themed, so that seems appropriate this time of year.  It’s adorable, charming, and heartwarming.  It has a great story line, subtle plot, and really awesome characters development.  And I laughed my ass off.  I enjoyed reading it, and I suggest giving it a shot.  I know, I know. I always have the weirdest fucking recs. Sorry.

~ by jadedhavok on November 27, 2012.

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