Title: semantic shift
Author: neros_violin
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Relationship(s): Sidney Crosby/Evgeni  ‘Geno’ Malkin
Rating: NC-17 (E)
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 10k

Summary: “He asked what some of the words meant, on the signs, what they yell. I told him. He’s a fan of Princess Sidney, especially.”

Why You Should Read This: I have a huge weakness for pet names in fic. Whenever John calls Rodney ‘Mer’ in Keira’s fics I have to muffle a squeal at the adorableness. Plus, Geno is Russian so his pet name for Sid is Russian too which just kills me. The sex is hot and I love the build up of the relationship in this. Based on a prompt by the always amazing Hoyden, this fic is sure to hit all your spots. 🙂

Bonus: You don’t need more than a basic knowledge of who Sidney Crosby is and hockey to read this.

(Can we get a Hockey RPF tag and a relationship tag, please? Thanks!)