Title: I’ll keep an eye on you if you keep one on me
Author: marycontraire
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing(s): Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews
Rating: Mature
Warnings: BDSM
Genre: Romance, drama?
Word Count: 32,659


In which Jonathan Toews grounds Patrick Kane for the summer. Kaner doesn’t seem to mind much, is the thing.

Why you should read this:
It’s awesome! It’s all my favourite D/s elements all rolled up into one, very lovely, fic.

There are some half-problematic-ish elements in the fact that there is a (non-sexual) D/s relationship going on with one character being unaware of the D/s nature of said relationship, so if that bothers you, this is not the fic for you.

The sex scenes are awesome though, when they get there.

(Also, apparently it’s locked to members of AO3? I didn’t realise that till now.)