Title: Lions and Tigers and Igigi, Oh My and sequel Lions and Igigi and Wraith, Oh My
Author: LitGal
Fandom: NCIS, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis (sequel only)
Pairing(s): Anthony Dinozzo/Jethro Gibbs, Rodney Mckay/John Sheppard (sequel only)
Rating: Explicit/Mature
Warnings: Mind Control (mentioned), Slavery: Consentual, Slavery: Non-Consentual(mentioned), Cannon-Typical Violence, General Assholery, Body Sharing, Threesome (Kinda. Sorta. Does it count as a threesome if there’s a Goa’uld involved?)
Genre: Romance, Action, Adventure,
Word Count: 148,521


Tony had never heard of goa’uld or tok’ra or igigi, and he sure as hell didn’t know Gibbs had a passenger riding around in his head, but if Gibbs thinks one little alien parasite is going to make him go running, he has another thought coming. He’s Gibbs’ second, and that means he doesn’t give up on his boss.

Why you should read this:
This fics great in that way we want all crossovers to be great. Gibbs is conflicted, Tony’s not an idiot, O’Neill’s an ass, Jackson is oppinionated, and Teal’c and Sam are staying out of it, really.

The tension is super well done, the plot twists are awesome, there is little to no horrible awkwardness when people/cannons meet.

Rodney is awesome (Even if he doesn’t appear untill the sequel), John is equally awesome. And slightly clueless.Β And Samas is just the cherry on top really.