Title:  i’ll pretend my heart’s not on fire if you steal my true love’s name 
Author:  queenklu
Fandom:  Person of Interest
Pairing:  John/Harold
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings:  Alpha/Omega with concurrent consent issues
Genre:  Alternate Universe, Alpha/Beta/Omega, Angst, Romance
Word Count: 11,830


“You know I can smell it on you,” Detective Carter says after her speech about helping hands and self-punishment. “You’re an Alpha.”

Why You Should Read This:

In many ways this is like a lot of John/Harold stories, in which they must learn to trust each other.  But in this case we have the added dimension of the Alpha/Beta/Omega trope.  If you are not familiar with this trope, look it up.  The basic A/B/O idea has inherent consent issues  that I think are handled very well in this story.  Neither John or Harold want to take advantage of the overwhelming power of their instincts.  There is a warmth in their feelings for each other, even when those instincts are given full range, that leaves a nice feel over the whole story.