Title:  Halema’uma’u (or, The New Tattoo)
Author:  springwoof
Fandom:  Hawaii 5-0, The Highlander crossover
Pairing:  Steve/Danny
Rating: NC-17
Warnings:  Graphic violence, death of major characters
Genre: Alternate Universe, Crossover, Action/Adventure, Angst
Word Count: 75,495


An international terrorist, with an unusual interest in volcanoes, has come to Hawai’i. Immortal FBI Agent Matthew McCormick is on his trail and seeks the help of the Five-0 team—then things get really explosive!

Why You Should Read This:

Chin Ho Kelly is a Watcher who finds he can’t “just observe”.  Not this time.  Not when the Immortal in questions is Pele.

This is a nice long story with a number of very well-drawn OCs as well as well-drawn canon characters.  There is an excellent balance between the 5-0 and Highlander stories and the blend of the two works very well.