Falling by BlackKat

Title: Falling
Author: BlackKat
Fandom: Harry Potter and X-Men
Relationship(s): Harry/Gambit, Harry/Wolverine, and Gambit/Harry/Wolverine
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Action Adventure, AU, Mild Angst, Menage, Romance, Time Travel
Word Count: 32,636

Summary: (No Author Summary, thus I shall provide.) After being stunned into the shelves holding the TimeTurners in the DoM, Harry uncontrollably falls through time backwards and forwards through time unable to control his travel or the length of time he stays in each time period. Unable to keep his old life, he moves to America and during one of his longest stays, he meets Gambit in bar in New Orleans and the rest is history.

Why You Should Read This: While 98% of this takes place in the X-Men movies universe the world building and plot are phenomenal. The relationships that Harry builds are great; and the grammar and spelling is spot on. You won’t ever regret reading this.

~ by icefallstears on June 9, 2014.

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