Mr. July by jibrailis

Title: Mr. July
Authors: jibrailis
Length: 10065
Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Marvel, Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers
Pairing: Tony Stark/Steven Rogers
Genre: Established Relationship, Romance,


Tony is the only one who can defend Steve’s virtue. Tony hates his life.

Why You Should Read This:

A naked Captain America with only his shield to hide his modesty is The photo for July in a charity calendar that gets Tony hot under the collar however he’s not the only one! Defending Steve Rogers becomes top priority which offers the reader a ring side seat to Stark’s rambling genius/jealous to keep clothes on the good Captain. Stark is wonderfully written is this fic while the other avengers throw in their own comments to the situation. Love it – one of my go to fics when in need of a giggle.

~ by rufred on May 19, 2015.

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