Title:  Unlocking Harry Potter http://fictionhunt.com/read/2529243/1 and Finding the Key http://fictionhunt.com/read/2579033/1
Author: Sarini
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Charlie Weasley
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings: underage, torture, rape, attempted suicide, secondary character death
Genre: mystery, angst, romance, adventure
Word Count:  185K for each part


Unlocking Harry Potter – Long lost memories and hidden powers come to light when Harry attempts suicide one summer night while living at the Dursleys.

Finding the Key – Severus Snape is no longer a spy and has officially acknowledged Harry Potter as his son. Just when it looks like things are getting better for Harry…..

Why You Should Read This:

At some point, I suspect these will be lost fic, perhaps findable only on the wayback machine. That’s too bad.

Unlocking Harry Potter was written in 2005, well before HBP was released and goes in a very different direction than JKR did.

Sarini evidently stopped writing fan fic long ago, and renamed her FFN account as “notwritingfanfictionanymore”….  Which is a loss to all of us… hopefully she’s writing pro fiction and doing well! But these stories are on secondary systems (FictionHunt.com — although I originally found Finding the Key on Geocities!) and there’s no guarantee they will be there forever.

Unlocking Harry Potter is where we find that Severus is Harry’s father. One of them. While Lily, James and Severus were not quite in a poly relationship, Severus and James were deeply in love, and Severus brewed the potion to allow Harry to be a son to all of them. But Lily hid those memories from Severus – to protect them all – not realizing that Severus’ heightened Occlumens ability (to protect himself from Voldemort) would prevent the memories from unlocking when they should have.

Both stories deal with Harry and Severus’ tenuous relationship as family. There are the usual stubborn moments, where each tries to protect the other from being hurt, which makes the emotional hurt even worse.

Harry’s relationship with Charlie Weasley is nicely done. Charlie is one person who treats Harry as ‘just Harry’ which gives them a chance to know one another and fall in love. Which, of course, has its own level of angst.

The story has a few hard moments that I need to warn about. The story starts with the attempted suicide, where Harry has decided he’s had enough. There’s a muted, but graphic enough, rape scene in the 2nd story, where Death Eaters forcibly rape Harry. There is canon-level torture and violence throughout the entire sequence of stories.

OTOH, Sarini doesn’t kill off anywhere near as many folk ask JKR did. Since the stories are from the 2005 time frame, the Final Battle is very different but fits well into the universe that Sarini has developed. (I suspect I like her ending better than JKR’s!)

Go read them before they disappear… they’re well written, imaginatively plotted and worth the several nights of sleep you will lose while reading them

BONUS: Release the Wolves (here: http://fictionhunt.com/read/2615092/1) in the same universe, is Remus’ story, from childhood up to the time he meets Harry on the train. 275K words.