The Secret Language of Plants (series) byEdrina

Title: The Secret Language of Plants (series)
Author: Endrina
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Remus Lupin/Severus Snape, Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Rating: Hard R (primarily for violence, but also non-graphic sexy times)
Genre: romance, action, adventure
Warnings: secondary character death, canon-level violence, angst, pining,
Word Count: 373,096 (for 4 parts)

Summary and Why You Should Read This:

Severus Snape finds Harry Potter being abused by the Dursleys as a toddler. He takes Harry to Remus to buy time to get Harry away and, before he can admit to what he has done, finds out that Albus plans to give Harry back to them.

Not knowing what else to do, Remus and Severus keep Harry, raise him, love him. And each other, but that’s another part of the story. Harry grows up as a loved child, allowed to do magic in his own way (which is unique!), and send him to Muggle school when they have to.

The author gives you an ‘out’ after the 2nd story and, while you certainly can stop there (it’s a good ending), don’t! The third section features all the characters from Harry Potter in ways you’ve never seen them before.

There’s an overabundance of original characters, but they have important roles in this story. The tension and lack of knowledge between wizards and muggles is a key part of this story, and the muggles show what they can do that wizards cannot.

While Harry and Draco and Hermione and Ron are major players in the story, it’s also a story of the adults doing a lot of the heavy lifting. They do adult things like being responsible for children, provide security for those that cannot protect themselves, and making informed decisions (at the times they have information to work with).

The 4th story is both an epilogue and a ‘what happens after’ story. Each chapter ties up the stories of most of the major characters and is a delight.

The writing is lyrical and poetic and draws you in. Chapters are long and engaging. They’re long enough that the author puts an occasional “if you’ve read this far in one go, you should take a break” in her end notes. I had to take her up on that more than once!

Excerpt (from the first story):

He [Harry] was vaguely aware that there had been another house with a thin hard woman who was like a pencil. She screamed and hurt Harry’s arms, but she also gave him food. The round pink child that used to kick Harry on the legs he had almost forgotten, his memory hidden by a room full of all the interesting looking creatures Harry had seen in a book.

For some reason, he remembered vividly the room under the stairs where he used to sleep and spend most of the day.

But he didn’t dwell much on that.

Then, there had come the big room that was also a house. In there, Harry had learned about creatures and foods. He had also seen a spider by the window. It had an orange and silver back, which obviously made it so much more interesting than other spiders.

Then came the house that would become home. It had a small garden in front and a big garden in the back where Harry could run and play and look at the plants. It was there that the Baggy Man (the man who gave him an apple, cut in slices, and asked a lot of questions about Auntpetunia and took Harry to the house that was a room, that man), it was there that he taught Harry about blowing dandelions seeds. He told him that the name meant lion’s tooth and that you could eat the leaves, but better in soup and not right away, child, spit that out right now. He talked a lot about all the things the plant could do and Harry listened intently but still forgot many of the words. He remembered that the plant could make you wee, because that is the kind of information that seems relevant to a child.

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